It's the old chicken and egg question - what came first, customer demand or supply from the manufacturer? It's probably true to say that the demand for customized products at attractive prices is growing in tandem with the much-vaunted promises associated with Industry 4.0. Although this doesn't just apply to the furniture industry, it is a particularly important factor for that sector. To be successful in this environment, furniture makers need a partner that doesn't just think up solutions but also puts them into practice and, what's more, offers exceptional consulting expertise. HOMAG is a partner that meets precisely these needs. Many furniture manufacturers are already enjoying market success with "networked production". Now attention is turning to the next stage of the journey toward the "factory of the future" and the "Industry 4.0 vision". Visitors to the HOMAG stand at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover can see how smart a production facility can be from May 2017.

A key part of HOMAG's strategy for the future is being unveiled to the world in Hannover. The ControllerMES (Manufacturing Execution System) is part of the company’s completely revamped software product portfolio. The new MES platform delivers 100 percent transparency in production and is based on established powerTouch operating technology. It encompasses everything from production planning with optimum production batches through to provision and generation of production data for machines (sizing, edging, CNC, etc.) and notification of completion after final assembly. The software enables perfect interaction between HOMAG machines in a networked production system. ControllerMES was designed by the HOMAG developers as a flexible standard software solution, is fully updatable, scalable and offers the ideal solution for workshop and industrial operations.