The wood processing industry is probably unique in that one set of players uses saws, planes and milling machines to turn everything into small pieces, while another employs screws, nails, dowels and ingenious connectors to put everything back together again and create new, lasting cohesion. KNAPP GmbH based in Euratsfeld, Austria, clearly belongs to the second group. In the almost thirty years since it was established, this specialist in state-of-the-art connection systems has built on the very first KNAPP connector for furniture and interior design to systematically expand its product portfolio into the fields of timber construction, facade construction, housebuilding, window design and engineered timber construction. As well as various metallic connectors, the highlights exhibited by KNAPP at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover also include an adhesive - KNAPP Ultra Speed.

This new adhesive expands the tried-and-tested KNAPP range, consisting of the PU+ and PM+ adhesives. The white, gap filling, waterproof, non-foaming, one-component mounting adhesive boasts a particularly fast reaction time and is free of solvents and formaldehyde. Despite the absence of hardening additives, the KNAPP Ultra Speed adhesive meets the requirements of stress group D4 for wood glues as defined in DIN EN 204. This easy to process adhesive is suitable for any application, making it ideal not just for various wood materials but also stone, metal, glass, concrete and the backs of mirrors. All visitors to the KNAPP stand will be given a free sample cartridge of the adhesive to see these features for themselves.