The ECKENER-SCHULE Flensburg (ESFL), a technical school for technology and design, teaches students who are majoring in industrial-technical-design vocational training or are in a full-time school-based educational program. The educational program is characterized by the demand for permeability and connectivity, so that the students find optimal support in an educational path that is suitable for them. All general school-leaving qualifications can be obtained in the various courses. In addition to the vocational school, the programs range from vocational preparation schools to vocational colleges, technical colleges, vocational high schools and vocational high schools to technical colleges.

At LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, ESFL will be presenting the different ways in which a project task is implemented that is intended to depict the development process of a piece of furniture, from the formulation of goals with a catalog of requirements, through initial ideas and implementation ideas, to the design - and on through working and functional models to the final study. A total of three teams consisting of wood technicians and designers will have the opportunity to present their processes in Hanover. Studies from previous product development projects will also demonstrate how creative and innovative development tasks can be solved. Visitors to the ESFL booth will also be able to experience another attraction: they will be allowed to actively participate in the creation of a wooden sculpture, and there will also be a small thank-you gift for all participants.