Aigner Werkzeuge GmbH from Taufkirchen an der Trattnach is celebrating the premiere of its new C245 roughing cutter for pre-milling laminated plywood and hardwood furniture panels at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover. Combined with subsequent finish machining using Aigner's Finishcut Konstantin Mini C249, the C245 roughing cutter is said to provide users with excellent edge finish and tear-free milling results. According to Aigner, materials such as multiplex can of course also be milled without a roughing pass, but there are more and more customers who have higher demands on the milling quality and want to avoid reworking as much as possible. In addition, the combination results in spindle-friendly milling and, as a result, significantly longer tool lives. According to Otto Fischer, Key Account Manager at the Austrian company, the solution of providing the two types of blades used with an eccentric screw hole is also particularly clever, making it virtually impossible to mix up the blades.

In the case of damaged knives, they can also be replaced very easily by the company itself through the use of DIA interchangeable knives and mounted with a torque wrench with 1.8 Newton meters. Unused knives can be replaced from top to bottom, so that the machining lengths of the respective Konstantin Mini end mills are always fully utilized. The best thing, however, is that with the Konstantin Mini milling tools from Aigner, diameter correction is no longer necessary and errors in diameter and length do not even occur during calibration after resharpening the end mills. The C245 is available for market launch in diameter 20 millimeters with a useful length of up to 44 millimeters.