For generations, HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau GmbH has been synonymous with machinery that is both reliable and innovative. Its PANHANS brand, which is now more than 100 years old, stands proudly for machinery that has been designed specifically for craftspeople who are truly passionate about working with wood and plastic. Among the machines in this range is the new PANHANS sliding table saw 680|200. HOKUBEMA aims to bring practical new features to joineries and carpentry workshops everywhere with this successor to the 690 model.

Even the basic version of the PANHANS sliding table saw 680|200 is pretty comprehensively kitted out, with the scope of supply including digital angle fine adjustment for the length stop, an extendible cross slide, a double trolley and an electric width stop with ball screw. One particularly striking feature of the successor to the 690 is the slide, which was previously mounted on rails but is now based on rollers. This ensures the slide moves smoothly and reduces maintenance requirements to an absolute minimum. The 680|200 draws its power from a 5.5 kW/7.5 hp motor, and the saw blade can be inclined from 90 degrees to 47 degrees with a cutting height of 155 or 105 millimeters (47 degrees). Moreover, the machine as a whole has a very standard footprint of 7110 x 4150 millimeters. As if all that isn't enough, the basic model can also be customized to suit specific requirements - it even comes in different colors.

HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau GmbH (72488 Sigmaringen, Germany)