In keeping with its slogan "Surfaces for a better life", Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH develops and sells flexible coated and bonded abrasives. It is one of the foremost abrasives manufacturers worldwide, not least thanks to the outstanding quality of its products, which are suitable for virtually all applications and industries. At the recent LIGNA 2019, the company showcased its new abrasive film, Brilliance FC 164-Longlife, alongside its latest ProBoard wide belt model with combination backing, RP 274.

This innovative ProBoard model from Hermes perfectly rounds off the company’s range of high-performance, cost-effective solutions for sanding chipboard, fiberboard and cement board. Depending on their specific requirements, users can now choose between a variety of different backing materials for their ProBoard wide belts and can opt for either a segmented or unsegmented design. The new combination backing is low-stretch and boasts exceptional tensile strength, making it ideal for high loads. Moreover, the very even belt run, homogeneous grain coating and special overlap joints ensure optimum surface qualities. Like all wide belt types in the ProBoard range, this latest addition features an antistatic design, which prevents premature clogging with abrasive dust. What’s more, the carrier's smooth and flat rear-side structure ensures straightforward handling when setting up sanding machines and low graphite wear when used on supporting beams, resulting in an even more cost-effective solution.