The Behrens Group is at LIGNA 2019 to exhibit its latest products and developments alongside tried-and-tested solutions in staple, nail, screw and hot-melt adhesive technology. Some of the highlights on show in Hannover include the new BeA 295 hot-melt applicator, the KMR 3477 stapler, both the KMR 3455 and KMR 3454 automatic staplers, the KMR 3201 mobile skater chassis and the KMR K162-6 oil-free compressor.

Hot-melt adhesive technology can be used in a variety of applications, including interior design, where it offers an alternative to visible mechanical fixings using staples, nails or screws. That’'s why BeA is showcasing a wide range of hot-melt applicators along with hot-melt and spray adhesives at LIGNA 2019. Also on show is an array of high-quality, polyamide-based melting materials that can be processed with the new BeA 295 hot-melt adhesive applicator and are said to be ideal for renovation work - particularly for repairing wooden surfaces and filling joints and knots.

KG staples are a very popular choice when it comes to fixing board materials in place in timber construction. That is why KMR is bringing a newly developed end-to-end system to LIGNA 2019 - featuring the KMR 3477 stapler (40 - 65 mm KG and G staples), both the automatic staplers KMR 3455 (25 - 50 mm KG staples) and KMR 3454 (40 - 65 mm KG staples), and the KMR 3201 mobile skater chassis. What’s more, KMR is also expanding its compressor line to include the new K162-6 model, which sports a compact design and is oil free. Its light weight (10 kg) and diminutive dimensions make it perfect for any of the tasks in interior design, furniture design and trade fair construction that require staplers. Despite its small size, the compressor boasts an intake volume of 160 l/min and an output of 65 l/min, achieving a maximum pressure of 8 bars. Not only that, but the compressor’s motor is protected from overheating, while its suction-cup feet ensure it has a steady footing, even when exposed to vibration.