Why do you believe that LIGNA is so important for the global industry, even in these challenging times?

LIGNA is one of the most important marketplaces for the global woodworking industry and it is important because it confirms the intention of companies to restart and continue to invest in the entire industrial sector, offering the opportunity for companies to show the results of their investments.

The challenging times we are facing, due to the consequences generated by the “Covid-19” pandemic, have opened a new age, accelerating a process that had already started. It is not a revolution: the real revolution was the acceleration of the transformation process we have been experiencing in recent years, at different speeds and with different levels of awareness.

In fact, in the last year, we have given way to a necessary push towards a process of cultural transformation that has broken down limits and boundaries and has allowed each of us to find new ways of using it and new languages. This has a positive impact on the way we work and many business areas, transforming them for the better. Digital activity does not replace the physical event, but becomes a complementary part of it, increasing its value. LIGNA exhibition is the perfect demonstration of this integration, thanks to LIGNA.digital and the digital packages offered.

The new virtual participation options on the LIGNA.digital platform will allow all companies to expand their coverage and all visitors to take part in the fair even virtually, despite international travels restrictions. LIGNA represents the confirmation that the world of trade show and events has changed and thanks to digital, it can open and widen borders.

What makes LIGNA.21 so special for your company? What do you hope to gain from your participation at the show?

Trade shows get us in contact with a world of potential new customers and give us the chance to position ourselves very clearly with respect to competitors. LIGNA represents the unmissable international event of this year and has always been considered the most important meeting place for sharing opportunities related to robotization and the advantages offered by technological innovations. Therefore, we consider LIGNA as the stage of the wood industry par excellence where we can show Biesse's ability to innovate in terms of technologies, services, software, with a view to a complete digital transformation.

Considering that over 90,000 visitors attended LIGNA in 2019, we would like to enthusiastically confirm our presence at LIGNA to consolidate our positioning on the international market, to obtain new professional and highly qualified contacts and strengthen the relationship with our customers by leading them continuously through the digitization process of the wood industry. And last but not least, it is the right place to compare ourselves with our competitors, differentiating ourselves from them and confirming once again the leading role of Biesse in the woodworking industry.

What will you be presenting at LIGNA.21? What can visitors look forward to?

At LIGNA, Automaction and Smartaction concepts will guide the technological innovations. The first concept, Automaction, leads the automation process of large companies through robotic systems and integrated logistics and offers customers concrete solutions for the automation of factories. The second concept, on the other hand, identifies the new intelligent factory aimed at laboratories and small and medium-sized companies that are approaching digitalization for the first time. Small production companies and large industries will be able to discover all the opportunities related to integration and automation offered by Biesse technologies, software and services. To close the circle the construction path of the digital factory will be represented by the Digital Hub, the area dedicated to services, simulation of processes, software for the design, optimization and programming of production plants.