Klaes has earned itself a reputation as a world-leader when it comes to innovative software solutions for the windows, doors, facades and conservatories market thanks to its portfolio of clever solutions that ensure structures and their components can be efficiently integrated into a common workflow. The two innovations that Klaes is presenting at LIGNA 2019 are prime examples. The first - an augmented reality solution for Klaes 3D - can be used to produce impressive visualizations on a standard tablet or smartphone. The second - the connector for the Siebert Scale window measurement app - is to help ensure even the construction site itself can be digitally incorporated into the workflow.

Klaes 3D, the go-to solution for conservatories and facades of all material types, is also often used by customers for structures other than windows, with free-standing pergola systems, terrace roofs, canopies, dormers, all-glass sliding solutions, railings and even fences having reportedly been designed and efficiently processed. Eager to help its customers produce lifelike depictions of such complex structures on-site, Klaes is at LIGNA 2019 to reveal its augmented reality solution that allows users to add on a virtual conservatory to a house, for example. The company is inviting visitors to try out its 21st-century crystal ball and inspect the intersections of a conservatory visualized in comprehensive detail.

Also celebrating its first LIGNA appearance this year is the Klaes Siebert Scale Connector. Destined to make the error-prone paper-and-pen approach to surveying windows and doors a thing of the past, this measurement app combines construction elements with the necessary measurements taken by a laser distance meter to suit the installation scenario and allows users to add comments, photos and videos. To make it even easier for Klaes customers to use Siebert Scale, users can transfer the relevant project data to the app so they can set to work straightaway. The captured data is then fed back to Klaes, where it can be used for other purposes without delay.