Venjakob Maschinenbau stands for surface technology based on system solutions - from pretreatment and painting, conveyor and handling equipment through to drying and exhaust air filtering. By constantly developing its products, it now has a wide range of standard and specialist machinery for fully automated surface treatment. The generally modular construction of its systems makes it easier to configure specialized solutions, retrofit add-ons and make modifications to meet changing production requirements. However, even with all this flexibility, there are still some niches that remain to be conquered. And that’s exactly what the new VEN SPRAY ONE, which has been specifically developed for carpenters and small businesses, sets out to do.

From the outset, this compact spray paint machine has been designed for the needs of entry-level users who still rely on conventional handheld spray booths. The extra-large touch screen display and self-explanatory user interface mean any user should quickly and intuitively be able to find their way round the controls. The VEN SPRAY ONE is a stand-alone solution and comes with an integrated control cabinet, meaning start-up can be carried out quickly and easily, which in turn saves installation costs and time. For all its simplicity, this entry-level model is by no means inferior to the larger professional models in terms of either design or energy efficiency - and certainly not when it comes to performance and the surface quality it produces. For example, the VEN SPRAY ONE also has a large-volume spraying booth for up to four spray guns, and long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs. To achieve the highest possible level of reproducible quality, the system has an integrated database where recipes can be stored and called up quickly and easily. Like its larger sister units, the cleaning outlay for the painting system is comparatively low, as even this entry-level model is equipped with a paper belt transport.

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