Masterwood's TF 600 KT 6-sided machining center, shown for the first time in Hanover on the occasion of LIGNA 2023, can be used universally and is therefore not only suitable for furniture construction. The horizontal machining of the workpieces in conjunction with two automatically controlled clamping tongs also enables a very high machining speed.

The TF 600 KT is also flexible when it comes to the size of the workpieces: the lower limit for machining is 70 millimeters in length and 35 millimeters in width. The maximum machining width is 1,000 millimeters, and there is no upper length limit. In terms of material thickness, everything between nine and 60 millimeters can be set, which also makes it possible to machine several workpieces on top of each other. The solid and high-precision machine frame allows feed rates of up to 90 meters per minute in the Y axis, 50 meters per minute in the Z axis and - due to the CE standard - 25 meters per minute in the X axis.

The upper drilling head of the TF 600 KT has a total of 20 horizontal and vertical drilling spindles and is also equipped with a grooving saw blade. On the same axis, there is also an independent milling unit with a 5-position tool changer. By means of an angular gear, horizontal milling operations, for example for lock cases or Clamex connectors, can be created with it. An additional drilling head with nine vertical drilling spindles and an independent milling unit provide for machining from below. In addition to 6-sided machining of workpieces, the lower tools are also used for sandwich machining. The air cushion tables in the infeed and outfeed are fed by an integrated fan, thus relieving the compressed air consumption. Together with ball-bearing stops of the clamping tongs, the air cushion tables also allow sensitive materials to be machined. As standard, the TF 600 KT is equipped with the latest version of Masterwork. However, file formats such as bpp, cix, dxf and mpr can also be imported.