There are good craftsmen and there are well-organized company owners - and sometimes there are even both in personnel union. And even these would certainly not say no to a little more support in administrative matters in view of full order books. For successful carpenters and joiners in particular, the challenge of maintaining an overview and keeping order data and information up to date among all employees is growing. A new web app from HOMAG is now designed to ensure that, from now on, access to every order is available anytime and anywhere. At least if you're on the move with a mobile computer - and who isn't these days?

In order to achieve the desired effect, however, HOMAG's "productionManager" must first get to grips with the flood of paper that is still rampant in many craft businesses. Information on orders, parts lists, assembly information, drawings and construction plans - many things are often printed out several times and distributed to employees. Time and again, information about an order is also distributed to different storage locations or in different programs. This is where the "productionManager" comes in, by helping to centrally bundle all information about an order. Through the "digital order folder", the carpenter/joiner ultimately has all production-relevant data clearly summarized and always at hand, so that the numerous paper documents in production disappear all by themselves.

The workflow associated with the app is said to be quite simple after a short familiarization period. In work preparation, the user imports existing data from any software system, such as Excel, industry software or a CAD/CAM system, into "productionManager". Or he creates new operations directly in the software. From this moment on, any employee with access to a laptop or tablet can access the data and retrieve articles, assemblies and components, including the associated drawings and information. Changes can also be quickly entered and are immediately available to all users. Simple addition of drawings, images or further supplements to each order should also be possible at any time.